600 uniquely generated Toadz NFTs


IMXToadz is the first of its kind collection of 600 unique randomly generated Toadz on ImmutableX! The Toadz' goal is to drive positive impact to as many individuals as possible, building a DAO/community around them, supported by a community wallet and a voting system to chart the future of the Toadz species for generations to come.


  • 600 IMXToadz minted

  • ITOADZ Launchpad has been set up to help new IMX projects to launch easily on IMX, strengthening the overall IMX ecosystem. Our first partner will be IMX Kongz.

  • [Q1 2022] ITOADZ merchandise will be created and sent to holders. ITOADZ shop will be set up for merchandise.

  • [Q1 2022] Launching our next collection, CyberToadz 3D. CyberToadz 3D will be intergrated into the metaverse (e.g. Sandbox) in the future! 1 IMXToadz = airdrop of 1 CyberToadz 3D.

  • [Q2 2022] $ITOADZ utility token will be created. Every Toad will yield 10 $ITOADZ a day, over a period of ten years. $ITOADZ will be used as a utility token within the Toadz ecosystem (future breeding, credits to purchase items from ITOADZ shop, exclusive perks in the future), and as a governance token to vote for DAO proposals.
    (Disclaimer: 1 $ITOADZ = 1 $ITOADZ, it is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.)

Community Wallet and DAO

Our community wallet has been set up. 5% of initial sale, 20% of royalties earned from secondary sales, and 50% of ITOADZ Launchpad revenue and merchandise sales will be allocated to our community wallet to chart our future direction.

A DAO Discord server/channel will be set up for all verified IMXToadz holders. Through a voting system, the community wallet will allow IMXToadz holders to decide whether (and how) to use these ETH (long-term staking, floor sweep, launching of new NFT collections and merchandise, charities, and developer ecosystem fund), or to HODL them.

Team Members


Startup founder for 9+ years, developer, passionate about all things crypto and web3.


Devops Engineer, Blockchain Developer. Likes to play LoL.


Creative artist, designer, lives and breathes NFTs.